Anbringung der Beschriftung Platzhörsch Likör

Manufacturing process Platzhörsch liqueur

"35% vol. Alcohol from 100% lovingly handcrafted"

The Platzhörsch liqueur is professionally made in a spirits factory in the western Harz Mountains and delivered to us in Wernigerode.

First we fill the liqueur into 500ml bottles with the help of a filling machine. This is then closed immediately afterwards with a golden cork closure.

The cork is pressed onto the bottle with heat using a shrink cap, thus ensuring that no external particles get into the bottle or that unauthorized persons cannot prepare the bottle before consumption.

The filled bottle must be marked with a filling date and the lot number of the canister from which the liqueur was taken, so that the bottles can be recognized in the event of a recall. This is attached to the bottom of the bottle with a stamped label.

The "Naked" bottle now gets its decorations. So we stick the inscription "Whisky-Rum-Vanille" on the side of the bottle. This sticker alone is plotted and finished by us, which, among other things, underlines the manufacturing status of our bottling.

The cotton label with gold embossing is now attached and the bottle neck is finished with a thick black cord.

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Corona Service

For all people from the Harz district +25KM who order by 2 p.m., the liqueur will be delivered on the same day.

Boar AAAAAAAAALter !!!!!!

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